I’ve always loved cocktails, I’ve been making my own cocktails for close to a decade now… back when I was an avid polish vodka fan (I was born in Poland), mixing it with fresh citrus, always trying new creations. Since then my palette has evolved and my drink of choice is now usually straight rye, bourbon, cognac or calvados and more recently gin. For the past couple years my drinks of choice have been classics like the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned.

Finding my love for those drinks sparked my interest in other classic cocktails. A big turning point in my quest to make and try new cocktails was when my friend Scott showed me the Filibuster cocktail at Flora in Oakland, CA which has now become one of my favorite drinks and I would definitely rate Flora as one of the best bars in the San Francisco Bay Area. I looked up the Filibuster online as I wanted to try my own version and since I’ve been hooked on creating more and more classic cocktails and new concoctions based on the classics.

What you’ll find on these pages is my adventures to master the art of the bar, mixing through cocktails picked up from blogs, books and restaurants I visit, trying to better my craft.

Ready to get shakin’ (or stirring)?

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