I am honored to be hosting the next Mixology Monday event on June 20th. For those readers not familiar with Mixology Monday, it’s a monthly online cocktail party. Each month the host chooses a theme and participants are challenged to post a cocktail recipe that fits with the theme. 

Junes theme will be “favorite niche spirit”, so any cocktail where the base ingredient is not bourbon, gin, rum, rye, tequila, vodka etc would qualify.  So whether you choose Mezcal or Armagnac get creative and showcase your favorite niche spirit.

To participate:
Have your post up on your blog by midnight on Monday June 20th. If you don’t have a blog email me at filip {at} adventuresincocktails {dot} com by Saturday June 18th with your submission and I will include it in my round-up post.

You will also need to link to this blog and link the Mixology Monday logo to their web site. Last but not least reply to this post with a link to your submission. I will post a round-up post on Tues/Weds that will have all the entries.

For more info on participating visit the mixology monday.

42 comments to “June Mixology Monday (MxMo LVIII): Favorite Niche Spirit”

  1. Dagreb

    Liquor but not liqueur?

  2. filip

    It could be a liqueur if it’s the primary ingredient. But the idea is to work with something other than the standard 5 or so base spirits.

  3. Frederic

    Oops, I’m an idiot and just realized that I was a week early for the event (I put it on my calender wrong). Since I already posted it, here it is:


  4. Ereich Empey

    Is it acceptable if the drink (a four ingredient cocktail) uses two non traditional ingredients (a bitters and Applejack) for the base (equal proportions of the two)?

  5. filip

    Thanks for the submission, it looks great!

  6. filip

    As long as you feel the drink really highlights a niche spirit then it’s acceptable, thanks for participating!

  7. MixnSip

    Hey, Filip,

    Here’s my contribution to “Niche Spirits”. Thanks for hosting. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.


  8. Ereich Empey


    Thanks for the response. Here is my contribution for the month. I wanted to share a recipe of a bartender friend of mine (with his permission of course), which is a fantastic drink that demonstrates the flavors of Cynar and Applejack pretty well.



  9. Dan Chadwick

    Thanks for hosting this month’s MxMo. I love the theme, and it got be to reach a bit farther back into the spirits cabinet for some Pisco.

    I don’t have a regular blog, but rather I curate a shared craft cocktail database. So I’ve added an entry for my cocktail and left a comment with the story. Click on the photo to download a higher resolution version of the image.


  10. Erik Kruse

    New to this – but giving it a try.

    Looking forward to checking out the niche spirit bonanza!

    Here´s my contribution:


  11. Adam Pollock

    Thanks for hosting this month. Here is my entry using the Costa Rican spirit, guaro: http://inspiredimbibing.blogspot.com/2011/06/mixology-monday-quetzal.html


  12. Lindsay


    A bit out of season…but Catdaddy! Yum…

  13. Dagreb

    Metaxa baby!

  14. Wang

    Aloha Filip!

    Here’s our entrance to the Mixology Monday cocktail party:

    Ginger ‘N Maryann


  15. KeithP

    Thank you Filip for hosting. Here’s my rather weak entry.


  16. Rowen

    Heyya Filip—thanks for hosting.

    Here’s mine, Solar Radio:


  17. erik.ellestad

    Kinda sorta…


  18. Mackenzie

    Great theme Filip! I look forward to experimenting which more of my underused spirts.


  19. Jordan

    Here’s mine. Thanks for hosting this week.


  20. Alex

    Hi Filip!

    Here is my submission

    Thanks for hosting!

  21. filip

    Thanks for all the great submissions, I’ll start working on the round-up and my own post after work today (PST)

  22. Kennedy @ That's the Spirit

    Thanks for hosting Filip. Here’s my contribution to MxMo. Drink well tonight :)

  23. Kennedy @ That's the Spirit

    Whoops. Here’s the link:


  24. Ed

    Here’s a couple for you, I went with Aquavit and threw in a bonus Pisco drink:


    Thanks for hosting, looking forward to the roundup.

  25. drinkoftheweek

    Thanks for hosting, here our cocktail – Delft Blue




  26. DavidS

    Filip — thanks for hosting. Here’s my entry:


  27. Dennis Schafer

    Filip, thanks so much for hosting.
    My post will be found here:

  28. Kim

    Hi Filip,

    Try to squeak this one in for the deadline, here’s my write up on the Pisco Sour.


    Thanks so much for hosting.

  29. Jacob Grier

    Hi Filip,

    Here’s my entry with aquavit:

    Thanks for hosting!

  30. filip

    Got my own submission, up The Cazaubon cocktail featuring Armagnac: http://www.adventuresincocktails.com/2011/06/20/mxmo-cazaubon-cocktail-featuring-armagnac-byrrh/

  31. Dave

    Got this in just under the wire – thanks for hosting!!!:


  32. Nancy

    Here’s my submission:


    thanks for hosting!

  33. Paul

    Damn, was that the sound of midnight whistling past? No matter — I a few minutes behind, but I have a lovely pisco drink in front of me, so all’s well. Here’s my post:

    The Summer of Pisco? Let’s start with the Bell-Ringer….

    Thanks for hosting!


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