The craft cocktail scene in Paris is just emerging, however, there are already a few established bars that are getting it right.

The first place we visited was Candelaria which you enter via a non-descript door in the back of a taco shop. Candelaria has been open only a couple of months but the cocktails were top notch. Of particular note was La Guêpe Verte, a mix of pepper infused tequila, cucumber, coriander, agave, lavender and lime juice. The atmosphere was intimate and their spirit selection was top notch. Definitely worth visiting if you’re in Paris.

I was really looking forward to Prescription Cocktail Club as that was the one bar I had already heard of. It had a prohibition-era vibe, the street front had no sign and once inside it had the familiar speakeasy look that is popular in the U.S. We arrived at an unusually busy time, so we didn’t stay long but I had a Boulevardier that was well made.

The last bar we visited was Curio Parlor which was really nice inside with vintage touches and a giant stuffed peacock. Maybe it was the fact we had primo seating but I enjoyed the vibe better here than Prescription, both bars along with Experimental Cocktail Club have the same owner. Cocktails were well executed as expected and there was plenty of cocktail geekery talk at the bar.

Tequila seems to be the hot spirit in Paris. Most of the menus were somewhat Tequila heavy. Fair bit of rum, not much whiskey and surprisingly not much featuring French brandies.

Pictures (starting from the top):
1. La Guêpe Verte from Candelaria
2. Candelaria
3 & 4. Curio Parlor

Location:Rue du Sommerard,Paris,France

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