Filip Jach is a San Francisco based creative director, dj, technology geek, connoisseur of fine spirits and all around cocktail nut. Be it via his work, art, music or cocktails Filip is always looking for ways to express his creativity. On the pages of this blog you will find Filip on his adventure to master the craft of artisanal cocktails. As Fil shakes, strains and stirs his way through classic and classically inspired cocktails he hopes to inspire others to perfect the art of the drink and hopefully try a few of these recipes at home.

Favorite cocktails: Old-Fashioned, Manhattan, Vieux Carre

Favorite mixing spirit: Rittenhouse 100 Straight Rye Whiskey

Favorite sipping spirits: Thomas H Handy Rye, Van Winkle 13 yr Rye, Tariquet Folle Blanche, Roger Groult 8 year Calvados

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