Angel's Envy Bourbon
There has been a lot of buzz about Angel’s Envy Bourbon since it was announced last year. This is the first expression for Louisville Distilling Company which was started by the father and son team of Lincoln and Wes Henderson, respectively. Lincoln brings a wealth of knowledge from his days at Woodford Reserve and Old Forester.

While they do plan to distill their own whiskey this first product is Bourbon bought on the open market. All the whiskey is at least four years old, however, rumors report that the majority of the stock is five to seven years old. What makes Angel’s Envy unique is that after the Bourbon was purchased 40% of it was finished in port barrels for three to six months to round out the finish.

The first thing you’ll notice about Angel’s Envy is its beautiful packaging; it is refreshing to see them push the boundaries of what Bourbons look like. Angel’s Envy is bottled at a 86.6 proof but tastes like it has a higher proof. This might be why they choose to bottle at that proof rather than following the current trend by going 90+.

There is an initial bite that gives way to nice fruit notes mixed with vanilla. It has a creamy texture and as the finish lingers you can taste the influence of the port oak. It is a very enjoyable Bourbon and I really appreciate how the port barrels tamed this young and lively whiskey.

I’m looking forward to trying some cocktails with it.

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